Commission Pricing

Digital Art

  • Full-Color Character  - $160 for the first character
  • Additional Characters - $149.99 for each


  • Detailed Backgrounds - Add $100

Traditional and Pencil Art

  • Pencil Art - $50 per character
  • Ink - $30 add per character
  • Marker Color - add $50 per character


  • Backgrounds & Props - Add $90

For simplicity, commissions are broken down into 2 basic categories, traditional art and digital art

My process requires that all pieces begin with pencil art. Digital commissions, while started traditionally, do not include the cost of creating the pencil drawing. However, if you'd like to purchase the original pencil artwork, that will require the added cost of $49.99 (plus S&H).

See below for general pricing. Not all artworks are equal, so please always request a quote!

Patreon supporters contact me for VIP pricing!