Commission Pricing

Ready to book your own commission? Let's go!

Full Color Characters

Full-body: $125

Torso: $100

Bust: $75

+add character: +$80

+add detailed tattoo art: +$50 (clear reference photos are required in most cases)

+add detailed background: +$60

Go Grayscale:  10% off

Line work only: 50% off


Let’s hammer out some terms:

All prices listed are USD and are required up front through Paypal. Partial payments are not accepted. All commissions are final upon completion. No refunds will be honored. 

The artist reserves the right to edit, revise, sell, distribute, and share finalized artwork at any time or by any physical or digital means.

Do not use posted artwork for any reason without the expressed permission by the artist or commissioning party. Commissioned artwork may be used by paying clients only! 


How do we make sure this commission rocks?

Simple. Know what you want. Or at least, have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for and provide those details, references, and ideas early in the process. Be clear and up front.

Do you offer revisions?

Unlike A.I., I am a human being making art! At times, I will not notice when “something looks funny” or if an eye color needs a tweak, etc. So, I’m happy to revise artwork as I progress… to an extent. Revisions to finalized artwork are subject to an additional fee. 

Will you draw fanart?
Absolutely! I love fanart!

Will you draw my original character?

Hell yea! Those are fun. Just be clear about your details if you aren’t down with “creative license.” 

Do you do photo-realistic art?

No, though I doubt that’s what brought you here in the first place! 

Will you try and get a likeness of my *whoever*?

Sure! I do caricature somewhat, and I’m happy to include some visual indicators to help with that. Specific details are good to be ready with.

Can we start with the face and then add more as we go?
I approach a piece with the whole image in mind. So, if I’m working through a full-pose pinup, I’ll start with the general pose and begin to add detail. In my experience, building an image around a singular feature makes the end product feel disconnected. So, no. Not a good idea.

Will you draw me something like *insert your favorite artist*?
Assuming I am not the favorite artist in question, why not ask your favorite artist? They worked hard to get to their skills where they are. 

Will you design my tattoo?
Sure! I’m not a tattoo artist, but I have designed some work for folks in the past. I’d be honored to have my work on some more skin!

Can you design my logo?

Nope. What you’re looking for is a graphic designer. Designing logos is deceptively difficult and it’s not something I consider to be my forte. But I can potentially point you in the direction of someone who is great at it. Just ask for recommendations!

Do you offer NSFW artwork?
Yes, but within reason. Without kink-shaming, there is simply some subject matter that I’m not going to entertain for reasons of personal comfort, interest, or a combination of both and others. You’re welcome to ask, but without judgment, I may politely decline. 

Can you animate my music video/YouTube Intro/TikTok/etc?
While I am an animator by profession and am capable of animating in most mediums, the question of production costs and time is a rather large one and doesn’t fall under the outline of the listed prices on this site. 

Can I get my commission printed?

Short answer: absolutely, But!

Ask yourself:

“How will I use this artwork? Art print? Sticker? Enamel Pin? Parachute!?”
It pays to know if there are any specific dimensions or other considerations. So, have those ready.

Will you print my commission for me?
I can for an added fee for printing, shipping, and handling. Otherwise, I can provide great resources for this.

Do you ever offer discounts or trades?

Occasionally and on a case-by-case basis, I will offer discounts trades especially for friends, cross-promotional partners, or Patreon supporters (nudge/wink!). You’re welcome to ask, but no promises. 

Will you draw political art?

This is probably a no. As so many of us do these days, I hold strong political convictions and opinions. Rule of thumb here: If you believe in equal rights and a woman’s right to choose, etc,  I’d be happy to knock out some support for the cause. But if you want “Jewish space lasers” or propaganda that even brushes up against anything that should have ended in the 1940’s, or hate-speech of any kind, don’t even bother hitting the send button. I won’t entertain it for any price.