Commission Pricing

Commissioned artworks are broken down into 2 basic categories, traditional art and digital art

DIGITAL ART REQUESTS - Digital commissions no longer start traditionally in pencil and therefore will no longer include a traditional pencil option. 

Payment in full is required prior to booking. Contact me for details.

See below for general pricing. Not all artworks are equal, so please always request a quote!

Patreon supporters contact me for VIP discounts!

Digital Art

  • Full-Color Character  - $125 for the first character
  • Additional Human Characters - $100 for each


  • scenery - Add $50
  • full view vehicles - Add $100

Traditional and Pencil Art

  • Pencil Art - $50 per character
  • add Ink - $80 per character
  • add Marker Color - $130 per character


  • Backgrounds & Props - Add $20