Day At the Beach
Derek stewart amanda richter

The redone character design.

Derek stewart amandarichter pencil

The original pencil sketch.

Derek stewart amandarichter color2

The first pass of the commission.

Derek stewart amandarichter color3

The original final pass.

Day At the Beach

So, when I was originally approached to put this commission together, I had an initial idea that I knew would be fun. But when it came time to create it, I felt that there was a lot of energy missing in the moment. Staging felt off, posing was a bit stiff, and though I ultimately handed it off to the client (who was quite happy at the time) I decided months later that I could do better.
For the final piece, I added contrary motion between the dog and the woman, as well as whole bunch more attitude and style to both of their faces. Finally, I'm proud to display this finished piece.

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